What I'd love to see in the LA Rams final preseason game against the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Russell Wilson v Los Angeles Rams
Denver Broncos Russell Wilson v Los Angeles Rams / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Minutes away form the kickoff of the LA Rams final preseason game against the Denver Broncos, and I have to say that it's a mixture of emotions right now. Like it or not, there is a bit of hope about this LA Rams very young and inexperienced roster that continues to show up for preseason games. Of course, there is the hope that they improve with each new game, and in each week.

But young players need to know success to truly understand that the grind that they each undertake each day at practice and at training camp eventually leads to success. After all, until young players taste success at the NFL level, even if only in the preseason, they do not 'know,' the taste of it. And so, against my better judgment, I shared my thoughts about how the young rookies may need to win.

Some fans respectfully disagreed. Others were a bit more brutal about it. But even in the face of being the lone voice on the hiill, I cannot shake the feeling that the Rams roster needs a win. And so, what would the Rams need to do to get a win here? Or perhaps, in a more aesthetically pleasing wording, what could the Rams do in their final preseason game to demonstrate their ability to trend in a positive direction?

To that end, the thoughts flew in pretty quickly. The LA Rams have so many ways to improve that would show signs of a pulse, of actual positive trending than simply more piled on positive reports of coach-speak. Like what? Well the following four areas come to mind: