What I'd love to see in the LA Rams final preseason game against the Denver Broncos

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IV: A quarterback sack from a rookie OLB

Pass rush, or the lack thereof so far, has been a growing concern for the LA Rams defense so far. If not for the heroics of second-year outside linebacker Keir Thomas, the Rams defense would be effectively ineffective at getting to opposing quarterbacks. Now I am the first one to acknowledge that rookie pass rushers have a tremendously long and drawn out learning curve throughout their rookie season, so I am not panicking.

It's simply a numbers game. The Rams drafted three rookie outside linebackers in the form of Byron Young, Nick Hampton, and Ochaun Mathis. I would simply love to witness one of them, no matter which one, get to the quarterback and record a sack. In my opinion, the player who seems to be at the doorstep of doing so is Byron Young. Just one sack, which is more symbolic for a positive trend than a meaningful game-changing event.

III: A 100+ rushing yard game from a Rams RB

The LA Rams have a lot of running backs in the mix right now. And as a result, the rotations are frequent and no single rusher has had the opportunity to make a bold and emphatic statement. A 100+ rushing yards in a game would be an incredibly loud and bold statement that could not be denied.

So far, the Rams rushers have done the work and put up their carries. But like a prize fight boxing match, so far it has come down to how the judges score their cards at the end of the preseason. We know that the LA Rams are going to keep both Cam Akers and Kyren Williams on the 53-man roster. That means that the Rams will likely have room for one more.

So far, my card shows that RB Ronnie Rivers is likely ahead in the competition. But I would prefer that whoever wins that third and final roster spot do more than a lot of little performances well. Just win the role outright by having an undeniably stellar game. Then, I can be quite content over who wins that final roster spot, no matter who it is.