What I'd love to see in the LA Rams final preseason game against the Denver Broncos

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II: Solid run defense

The same can be said of the LA Rams trying to master a stifling run defense while missing starters on defense like DT Aaron Donald and run-thumping stuffer ILB Ernest Jones. But so far, the fears about the LA Rams run defense struggling this season have not been squelched.

But realistically, this is the most difficult achievement to accomplish of the set. After all, the Rams did shut down a rather effective running offense of the Las Vegas Raiders for 98 yards on 25 carries. But it's a Catch-22. The Raiders lit up the Rams secondary for 342 passing yards and two touchdowns. So yes, the Rams can stop the run, or the Rams can try to stop the pass, but not both.

So solid run defense is effective defense at stopping the run, but not to the point that the Rams secondary is shredded for a lot of yards either.

I: A 250+ yards or two TD game from rookie QB Stetson Bennett

Hey, I know that the LA Rams are playing the pants off rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett. So far, he has looked every bit the part of a rookie quarterback in the NFL. He has been effective, but not stellar. Promising but not astonishing. And while we know that he will end preseason and be assigned to a clipboard on game day and running the scout team offense in weekly practices to prepare the defense, I would love to see that one game where it all falls into place.

Had Stetson Bennett had that Game 1 performance this week, I think he could have ended the game with 250+ passign yards and two touchdowns. But he was debuting, and his initial throws and reads were a bit . . . shall we say, forgettable?

So I'd love to see the guy have that game under his belt before the LA Rams and circumstances mothball the guy for the season, only called back into action to clean up games that are already decided when the fourth quarter begins, or if starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is shaken up or injured this season.

I suppose what I'm saying throughout this article is that the Rams roster bursting with rookies will need time to grow and develop. But it would be a far cry easier for them to have that taste of what it feels like when it all comes together for them in a game.

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I'd like that game to be Game 3 of the Rams preseason. But I won't have to wait for very long to find out.