What is Rams HC so excited about for 2024? "It's an exciting time"

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The LA Rams entered the 2023 NFL season with a vital objective of creating passion and fun among both the players and the coaches. That was no easy task, but Rams GM Les Snead knew that if the team overloaded with young passionate players who were full of vim and vigor, the mirth that they brought would have no other outlet than to infect players and coaches who worked alongside them.

And fortunately, it was a gamble that Les Snead hit the jackpot on.

There is a lot of truth when Rams HC Sean McVay opens his press conference introducing his new coaching staff by thanking his former coaches and by making this profound statement:

"Last year was a really special year."

Rams HC Sean McVay

How ironic that a statement like that described a season that began with a record of 3-6, and ended with a one-and-done appearance in the 2024 NFL Playoffs. It was a statement made by the same head coach who, just one year earlier, was not even certain that he was still right for the job, and needed to take a hiatus and allow all of his coaches to seek roles elsewhere.

It was the same LA Rams head coach who had led this team to a streak of 8-18 over 26 games and 1.5 NFL seasons before finding the secret sauce to success. Yes that same coach, Coach Sean McVay:

It was a run of success prior to a stumbling season in 2022, culminating in a Super Bowl LVI victory. But perhaps the lessons learned on a 5-12 year was important for the Rams organization.

This is no longer a team that counts on wins, durability, and having all of the answers instantly. This is a team that suddenly values the role of backup quarterback, a strong running game, powerful contributors on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

This football team is less focused on players who can help the team get wins and more on players who can make this a better team. Those are not necessarily identical in terms of what any player brings to the roster. Let me break it down into three categories to help you understand.

Player mentorship

For a player who helps the team win, leadership comes in the form of 'just watch me.' This player brings less charity of their time to impact the careers of younger players. But players who make the team better see the advantage of helping younger players excel in the game in real time. Players who are willing to reach back to younger players have always been a trademark of the Rams roster all along, but seems to be a bit more emphasized as the team moves forward.


A player who helps the team win is one who seems to operate on an island, a character who is matter of fact and extremely business-like. Football is a job. Production on the football field is job-like, translating to a step-up on the next big payday contract. But a player who improves the team is willing to stick his neck out to help out his teammate. They are the players who will pivot and pick up a pass rusher who just got past a teammate. They are the players who are willing to make blocks downfield to extend the run. They are the defenders who pursue runners or receivers from behind to make a key tackle. They are the players who are fine playing outside of the spotlight.


The infusion of players full of passion cannot be overstated. Players who are added to help a team win are a bit stoic, maintaining a visage of being in control. But passionate players like rookie OLB Byron Young, NT Kobie Turner, and WR Puka Nacua proved that letting go, laughing, and simply enjoying the game as the game is happening is infectious.

If you had Aaron Donald and Kobie Turner skipping off the football field arm and arm

For the first time since Ndamukong Suh played on this team, the Rams defensive front creates nightmares for opposing offensive coordinators. OLB Michael Hoecht, DL Aaron Donald, NT Kobie Turner, ILB Ernest Jones, and OLB Byron Young have all proven to be very active at terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

The LA Rams are build on a strong foundation right now. This team, thanks to a tremendously solid rookie class in 2023, now has Super Bowl LIX in their sights for 2024. In the end, after finishing out the 2023 NFL season with a record of 7-2 with a young roster that loves to play football, why wouldn't Coach McVay be excited to get back in the saddle?

I know that I'm eager, and I'm simply preparing to follow this team throughout 2024, starting with the NFL Scouting Combine this week. But don't look for Rams HC Sean McVay to attend. He has already confessed to staying home during the event.