What must LA Rams do to become a Top-5 NFL offense?

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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if the early reports are true, and the LA Rams want to focus on improving the offense for the 2023 NFL season, what must the team do to become a Top-5 NFL offense? While 'score more points,' is the obvious and comedic answer, I am asking the question to open the thought process of how to visualize the Rams getting there. After all, the Rams did not enter the 2022 NFL season with the intention of plummeting in NFL offensive rankings. So what must the team plan to do to turn things around?

Of course, the LA Rams have control over two significant components of their ability to succeed offensively in 2023. The first is the team's selection process and determination of who plays for them on the offensive side of the football this season. With a training camp roster composed of less than half of the players as returning veterans, there are a lot of unknown components to the ultimate offensive strategy.

Can Rams offense carry the load in 2023?

With many 2022 defensive starters gone, the Rams will need to work at a frantic pace to onboard so many rookies. Many NFL teams are at a point of onboarding a handful of drafted rookies, and then perhaps an additional 10 or fewer players after the draft. The Rams are working with 40 rookies as well as the potential to add more due to additional open roster slots.

So what must the Rams do to achieve inclusion in the NFL Top-5 offenses in 2023? To get that answer, we need to spin the dial back to 2018, the last regular season that the Rams appeared among the Top-5 NFL offenses. So what did the Rams do well in 2018?

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The LA Rams of 2023 are not the same LA Rams of 2018. The players are different, the coaches are different, the opponents are different, and even the game itself is different. So the Rams cannot simply dust off the playbook used during the 2018 NFL season and call it good. But the Rams were effective at key strategies in 2018 that eventually allowed the offense to put up points. What are those keys? Here are three keys that we have found: