What must LA Rams do to win in Week 4 against the 2-1 Colts?

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When I sat down and projected the 2023 NFL schedule for the LA Rams immediately after its release, I had no clue that the Rams defense would be so capable of shutting down the Seattle Seahawks offense in the second half of that Week 1 victory. But after that first surprise, the LA Rams have been following the new 2023 season about as expected. The problem is, I had projected the LA Rams to go on the road and win their first game of the season in Indianapolis, Indiana against the 2-1 Colts.

The trick is that the Rams have not exactly inspired confidence that this team can win the game, particularly against a team that has two wins in three games. But even as a one-win team that must now play for a second consecutive week on the road, the LA Rams have not been challenged by areas outside of this team's control.

Rams schedule was tough but Rams were built for the challenge

The Rams are 1-2 on the record books so far for the 2023 NFL season. But of the entire NFL, only the LA Rams and the Arizona Cardinals have positive final score differentials with a losing record. While that does not mean that the Rams are necessarily 'due' for a win, it does suggest that the Rams have been in all three games this season.

Of course, we all have second-guessed the LA Rams strategy this season. But it has been almost impossible not to unveil the Monday Morning quarterback in each of us after a Week 3 loss. The problem is that fans bought into the new offseason strategy that prepared the Rams roster for the 2023 NFL season and the 2023 Rams schedule. The fans made note and applauded the decision to get bigger and more physical on the offensive line.

The Rams sat with quiet optimism as the team steered towards an assortment of blocking tight ends. Rams fans discussed the hope-filled future with a number of bigger running backs who were added to the team. But the most important change to the Rams current trajectory is not so easy to change. The Rams can still be baited, manipulated, taunted into passing the football without hesitation or reservation.

So how can the Rams pull off a Week 4 win? Well, we have some thoughts about that. What I have concluded is that victory is doable