What must LA Rams do to win in Week 4 against the 2-1 Colts?

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V: Rams must play their brand of football

The first and perhaps most important part of any football strategy that has even one iota of success has to start with the LA Rams dictating the pace and path of the game. That occured in Week 1, and was undeniably effective if for no other reason than the final score of the football game.

But what made that Week 1 strategy so successful? Well, it was a unique combination of factors that have not been replicated in either of the other two outings by the Rams so far this season. So what was it about the Rams that placed them in such a great position to dismantle a very competitive NFC Western Division rival?

Get off the pass-pass-pass train

It was a 'safe' game for the Rams to follow the right strategy. What I mean is that the Rams had taken a one-point lead in the second half, which allowed the Rams to avoid their panickly 'gotta pass pass pass' reaction by trailing in the second half of the football game. As a result, the Rams ran the football 40 times and passed the football 38 times. So the Rams were gaining big chunks of yardage whenever they ran the football?

Hardly. The Rams only ran for 92 yards on the day. But two things benefitted the Rams by rushing so frequently. The Rams offense outgained the run-proficient Seattle Seahawks offense with 92 yards versus 87 yards. Ignore what you think you know about data and averages. The success of any NFL team ultimately relies upon outplaying the opposing team. It doesn't matter how the averages work out. It comes down to raw numbers. That's how the Rams play the game. That's Rams football.

Let's hope that the LA Rams remember how they won the game in Week 1.