What must LA Rams do to win in Week 4 against the 2-1 Colts?

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III: Rams defense has to stop long drives

Believe it or not, the LA Rams defense is actually performing at a better pace this season than the Rams offense. While there are certainly those players who have already drawn the ire from fans, wasn't the Rams roster supposed to be proficient on offense, and struggling on defense?

In terms of yards allowed, the LA Rams have allowed just 284.7 yards per game, which is good enough for the eighth best ranked defense in the NFL. The Rams 20.7 points per game allowed is good enough for the 13th best ranked defense in the NFL. Keep in mind that this is despite the face that the LA Rams have a net (-3) turnovers so far the season.

In Week 2, Rams QB Matthews Stafford, each time leading to a San Francisco 49ers field goal. Against the Cincinnati Bengals, one Stafford led to a Bengals field goal. That means that the Rams defense has surrendered an average of three points per game as a result of interceptions. If those were removed, the Rams defense allows just 17.7 points per game, which is good enough to be the seventh ranked defense in the NFL.

Rams have to force Colts offense to punt

And this team has faced some prolific offenses.

But winning is not about what the Rams have done in the past. Winning Week 4 means that the Rams have to stop the Indianapolis Colts. offense. In their lone loss this season (to the Jacksonville Jaguars), the Colts lost the Time of Possession battle, the turnover battle, and even had 11 offensive series that resulted in either a punt, turnover, or change of possession on downs with four or fewer offensive snaps.

The Colts are not a quick strike offense. They win in games where they move the ball methodically, mixing a blend of runs and passes. That has been stride in stride with the rise of Indianapolis Colts running back Zach Moss. The Rams defense must not only corral Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson, but the Rams must also figure out a way to neutralize the ability of Colts RB Moss to churn out 100+ yards in this one.