What must LA Rams do to win in Week 4 against the 2-1 Colts?

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II: Rams need to get 12 personnel package going once more

When packing for a trip, the rule of thumb is to pack only what you will use along the way. Why, then, did the Rams roster go with four tight ends, and then the team added an additional two tight ends on the team's practice squad? If the Rams are willing to invest that much into the tight end position in terms of limited roster slots, then the Rams offense has to figure out a way to translate that many players into productive offense.

Even if the Rams were counting on tight end Hunter Long to be a contributing member of the Rams offense in the early going, as soon as he was placed on injured reserve, the Rams have to figure out ways to expand the almost non-existent role for rookie TE Davis Allen. Allen was pretty proficient at laying some licks in blocking in preseason games. Even if he is not yet ready to be a dependable receiver, he could be a solid contributor to a Rams offense that needs to get a running attack established.

Two tight ends changes the Rams formula

The Rams can win games by passing to tight end Tyler Higbee. The Rams can win games by running the football. But the Rams cannot win games by dropping veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford with five eligibles as long as they cannot block six or more pass rushers on any given play. Even if the Rams want to go with an empty backfield, an extra tight end allows the Rams to flex out of five receivers to at least give the offense six helmets to block six pass rushers.

The Rams do not have to score on every play. The Rams do not even have to move the chains with every snap of the football. There are a host of benefits to grinding out a long and sustained offensive drive. The use of 12-personnel acts like a governor on the Rams offensive aspirations, forcing the team to think in terms of five to ten yards per play, rather than set the offense up to the feast or famine of a full out passing attack, when the play could result in 20+ yards gained, or losses of 10 yards with a quarterback sack, or even a turnover that changes the entire momentum of the game.