What of the 5 LA Rams players injured in Week 14?

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Hunter Long
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Hunter Long / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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The hope for any game played by the LA Rams is to emerge as healthy as the team was before the game was played. But that is not the case for the LA Rams in Week 14 against the Baltimore Ravens. Even as the team played their hearts out, and pushed the Ravens to a fifth quarter of competitive football, the Rams suffered a fairly large number of injuries in a game that was played on the eastern edge of the nation.

The Rams are not a team that can easily afford to lose players at this point in time of the season, as any player who is assigned to the team's Injured Reserve roster is all but lost to the team for the rest of the 2023 NFL season, and likely for the postseason as well.

Availability and durability is the best ability to have in the NFL

By the final whistle in Week 14, the LA Rams had not only lost a very competitive game but the future performance of five players was tossed into the air as well. That is not the type of news that Rams fans were hoping for, as the team faces four vitally important games remaining on the Rams schedule.

While the LA Rams are a young and resilient team, there is a very fine line right now between a competitive and a not-so-competitive Rams roster. The overwhelmingly deciding factor is the health of the team's starter. So far, the Rams have struggled to keep key players healthy through the early two-thirds of the 2023 NFL season.

This is a team that may not have overlapping expertise and talent. But the Rams are absolutely a team of untapped and untested potential. We've all been witnesses to the fact that rookie tight end Davis Allen certainly looked every bit the part of a player who is ready for a significantly larger role in the Rams offense going forward. He is just one of many young players who patiently await their turn to showcase their stuff in the NFL.

But let's not be too hasty to field rookies. After all, the Rams have some talented veterans who suffered setbacks in Week 14. What is their status for Week 15?