What of the 5 LA Rams players injured in Week 14?

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Hunter Long
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Hunter Long / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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Two Rams who rubbed some dirt on it

The best outcome for the LA Rams after a grueling and very physical football game in Week 14 is to have players who were shaken up or dealing with minor injuries to get back to the football field this week. Thankfully, two of the five players who were injured in Week 14 were able to rub some dirt on their boo-boos and get back onto the football field to practice this week.

WR Ben Skowronek

While WR Ben Skowronek does not often appear in the box score after games, do not underestimate his impact in the LA Rams offense. He has assumed the role once filled by tight end Johnny Mundt, a versatile offensive weapon who can make catches, but whose blocking ability is far more attractive to the Rams coaching staff.

So far this season, Skowronek has fought off a nagging ankle injury. He continues to push through the pain this week, as he did participate in full practice on Friday, and is not limited in terms of his game status against the Commanders.

Bobby Brown III

Whlie he was shaken up during the game against the Baltimore Ravens, all's well with LA Rams NT Bobby Brown III. In fact, things are so well off for Brown that he does not appear on the LA Rams injury report for Week 15's game against the Washington Commanders.

Brown's presence helps in two ways for the LA Rams. He alone is a strong physical presence as a nose tackle to help the Rams defensive front shut down the run. But he rotates with teammate NT Kobie Turner, ensuring that Turner stays rested and refreshed throughout the game.