What time will the Rams be on the clock in the 2024 NFL Draft?

2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams The Pick Is In
2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams The Pick Is In / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Draft may not be familiar to fans of the LA Rams. At least, not for Day 1. The team will enjoy their first pick in Round 1 of the NFL Draft since 2016. In this draft, the team will not open with a selection as the first overall pick but will step up to the podium to make the 19th overall pick in this draft. The question is, will the Rams fans need to sit through all 18 selections made before their pick?

Rams fans have been insulated from all of the pomp and pageantry that comes with the first day of the NFL Draft. This is Round 1, the flagship of the NFL that rivals the popularity of the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl in terms of television coverage and viewership.

The uncertainty of when the Rams, or any NFL team, will make their selections in the 2024 NFL Draft certainly build upon the drama that comes with the event. If you dare not miss the live action, we understand if you wish to tune and and stay fixated on the event in real time.

When is the 2024 NFL Draft? 

The 2024 NFL Draft is a three-day event, and is scheduled to take place from April 25 to April 27, 2024 

  • Round 1: Thursday, April 25 at 5:00 pm PT
  • Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 26 at 4:00 pm PT
  • Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 27 at 9:00 am PT

The thrilling aspect of this year's draft is the lack of consensus that quickly begins to spin various directions. Even the Rams draft scenarios have logical arguments to trade up, trade down, or simply stand pat at 19. If you love to stay informed up to date throughout the draft, monitoring who comes off the draft board, and what competing NFL teams are doing in terms of strategy, you will want to tune in and stay fixated throughout the Day 1 event.

But what happens if you simply want to tune in to watch the Rams' selection at 19th overall? If you simply want to be on-hand for the naming of the player selected, and the instant draft analysis that follows that pick, then you won't want to tune in until later in the event. But when will that be?

We have the answer for you:

What time will the Rams be on the clock in the 2024 NFL Draft?

The 2023 NFL Draft starts at 5 p.m. PDT and each team has 10 minutes to make their selection. Doing some basic math, the calculated time for the draft to land on the 19th overall pick equates to 190 minutes until the Rams are on the clock, or just over three hours. But how many NFL teams take the entire 10-minute allotment?

We know that the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft is all but made days before Draft Day 1 arrives. So how easily can we discount the amount of time needed for the 19th overall pick to arrive? If you dial back to the 2023 NFL Draft, the 19th overall pick was selected after 2:20:00 (two hours 20 minutes) had elapsed.

Since this draft begins at 5:00 pm PT, you should be in your seat and tuning in on or about 7:00 pm PT in order to catch the team making their selection.