What time would LA Rams hold team meetings if run by Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel?

Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel schedules team meetings for 24 minutes past the hour. Why he does so will surprise you.
Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI
Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Rams may look nothing like the same team that stepped onto the football field at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022, but the legacy of winning Super Bowl LVI is something that will never be taken away from them. But, to get to that point, the team had to win playoff games. And they did, three playoff games to be exact.

But most NFL teams do not have the luxury of appearing in Super Bowls as frequently as the LA Rams. And for those teams, getting to the NFL Playoffs is less of a goal than winning at least one game after getting there. We know that the Rams traveled to Detroit Michigan in the Wild Card Round of the 2025 NFL Playoffs, and put the Lions back on their winning ways.

Now, it's the Rams' turn to get back on track in post-season competition. After all, the pattern that this team has set is a three-year cycle, with 2024 being Year 3 of the team's third cycle. So the team is merely adhering to its pattern over the past nine years.

McDaniel schedules team meetings at 24 minutes past the hour

For Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, the fact that the team has not won a game in post-season is not something that he is running from. In fact, he is not even trying to deny the fact. Instead, he is desensitizing his team to that fact by scheduling team meetings at 24 minutes past the hour.

Why do that? Simply stated, he wants his team to embrace the fact that they have not won a playoff game in 24 years, which is a longer period of time that many of the players have been on this earth. By constantly reminding the players of that fact, he is preparing them for the media attention that comes at the end of a successful NFL season:

That's a clever way of breaking the postseason losing streak that the Dolphins are experiencing.

So what time would NFC West teams hold their team meetings if they adopted the same pattern of converting the number of years since winning a playoff game into minutes past the hour for team meetings? Teams would have meetings scheduled like this:

  • San Francisco 49ers - On the hour
  • Los Angeles Rams - Three minutes past the hour
  • Seattle Seahawks - Four minutes past the hour
  • Arizona Cardinals - Nine minutes past the hour

As you can see, even the Arizona Cardinals would hold team meetings somewhat promptly after the top of the hour. Perhaps the NFC West Division teams should look for another means of incentiving players for postseason competition.