What to make, and not to make, of LA Rams latest FA signing

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III: A veteran to help lead rookies through training camp

The LA Rams roster has 11 players while rookie Puka Nacua is still pending signing his rookie contract. Of the group, the Rams have seven players who are either rookies (5) or second-year players (2). That's a huge number of young players who are asking questions, unsure of expectations, and generally uneasy and uncomfortable about the entire offseason workout routine just yet.

So far, the Rams have been forced to slow everything down in their offseason workouts. That is inefficient, particularly in the face of the raw number of rookies who need to be coached up and brought up to speed quickly

What not to make of this signing

Some optimistic fans believe that signing Demarcus Robinson will lead to his replacing Van Jeffers on the depth chart as the Rams WR2. That is not happening. In fact, I would argue that his arrival is more akin to adding competition to a WR5/6 role on this team than anything higher. The LA Rams have a lot of ground to cover with all of the rookies.

What to make of this signing

Demarcus Robinson's signing is a good thing for the LA Rams for two reasons. On one hand, it means that we will see plenty of him in preseason games working with veteran QB Brett Rypien, rookie QB Stetson Bennett, and rookie QB Dresser Winn. Because he is an established veteran, he becomes the 'control' of wide receiver in training camp, scrimmages, and preseason games, allowing coaches to gauge the performance of rookies compared to Robinson's performance.

But with the Rams working with Stetson Bennett this offseason, he add a bit of fire to an offense because he knows where he has to be and when he has to be there to catch the football. In short, he helps the Rams develop young quarterback arms a bit more quickly as well.