What to make, and not to make, of LA Rams latest FA signing

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Productive veteran wide receiver

Perhaps the most basic yet important aspect of this signing is simply the fact that the LA Rams like something about Demarcus Robinson's skill set. That's pretty basic, but it's the best we can 'know' at this point. So what is the rush to know it all?

Perhaps it is the vast ocean of knowledge that we don't know that piques our curiosity. After all, the Rams still are trying to figure out what this team truly has in Lance McCutcheon and Austin Trammell this season, two receivers who return for their second season for the LA Rams. They are joined by the following rookies:

  1. WR Braxton Burmeister - San Diego State
  2. WR Tyler Hudson - Louisville
  3. WR Sam James - West Virginia
  4. WR Xavier Smith - Florida A&M
  5. WR Puka Nacua - BYU

As well as NFL veteran WR Tyler Johnson. So the LA Rams truly have a lot of introductions to make right now. And now, one more receiver has joined the assembly.

What not to make of this signing

When the LA Rams added free agent Odell Beckham Jr., the team quickly lost WR2 Robert Woods to a season ending injury. OBJ was instantly promoted because, quite frankly, the team did now have enough experience in Van Jefferson or Ben Skowronek to promote them into that role. It was simply uncanny timing that WR Odell Beckham Jr was available when the Rams needed a WR2.

Demarcus Robinson is not a wide receiver at OBJ's level. Rams WR Van Jefferson is now an established NFL wide receiver. In fact, the Rams' depth chart has Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek, and even Tutu Atwell to complement Cooper Kupp in the passing game. Is there room for more competition?

What to make of this signing

WR Demarcus Johnson is a durable veteran wide receiver who can and will show up. In conversations with several Ravens fans, they noted that he may have 'lost a step,' in that his football field speed did not match expectations from reading up on him. I got comments that also suggest that he does not create a great deal of separation. But Ebony Bird contributor Braden Kletz believed that Demarcus Robinson would re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens, and seemed quite hopeful that he would do so.

I'm taking the perspective that adding Demarcus Robinson is intended to be a strategy to create better efficiency throughout training camp and that Robinson adds additional competition to illustrate to so many young players exactly what is expected of them. His sudden appearance does not place any Rams-established receivers on the trade block or at any greater risk of release.

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I would consider him the benchmark that any young receiver who wishes to make the Rams roster must surpass. Nothing less, and certainly nothing more at this point.