What you must do to ID Rams rookie QB Stetson Bennett's future NFL career

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Stetson Bennett / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

When the LA Rams drafted former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett, the only quarterback on the Rams roster was veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. And for some reason, that was all the number of quarterbacks that the LA Rams front office deemed necessary to have on the roster until the 2023 NFL Draft.

Despite the 2024 NFL Draft class appearing even at this long range to be bursting with talented college quarterbacks, all ready to claim their NFL careers as rookies after the draft, the Rams wanted to get started on finding their next potential franchise quarterback. Have they gotten the job done? Locked on Rams host Travis Rodgers believes that to be the case. Don't take my word for it, as you can see and listen for yourself to the podcast below:

Now, the question is, can Bennett be the next LA Rams starting quarterback?

The answer is . . .

Before we sprint to such a complex question, let's do what we should always do at railroad crossings, and before we leap into the void during the NFL offseason: Stop, Look, and Listen.

Let's stop a moment and revisit what we have seen and read about on the LA Rams practice football field. What I am saying is that this is a group of football players in shorts and tee shirts with no contact provisions, who are learning offensive and defensive plays. The athleticism on display right now is more track and field than football.

If you look at the football quality of Stetson, you get the sense that he is loving the stage that was, is, and will ever be the quarterback for the LA Rams. This is a team that has a long and lauded history of incredible performances from the quarterback position, For Stetson Bennett, the Rams' success at QB has thrown down the gauntlet, and he will give his all to leave his legacy among the great quarterbacks who have come before him.

Bennett can clearly make big time throws.

Did you hear . . .

But the only true test right now is to listen to what his teammates and coaches are saying about him. While there has seldom been commentary about a rookie with anything less than positive commentary, even NFL players like to protect their reputation by saying just enough to leave a positive impression without going overboard.

For now, we all need to be fully aware of the situation. No rookie earns anything at this time of year. And for those who love to point that out to everyone, i don't believe that insight is unique, nor is it less than obvious.

But development of a future NFL star, a dependable role player, and even a bust can appear very similar at this point in a rookie's career. That is why focus and emphasis seems to be such a big deal.

You can't detect the motion of an ant from a distance. To see what is going on, you need to get close and pay attention. That is how humans detect small movements. It's the same for the early stages of a rookie's career. Those small differences now between Pro Bowler and early release are difficult to assess casually. That is why we recommend the stop, look, and listen approach to Stetson Bennett now.

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If you plan to jump on the Bennett band wagon after it's obvious that he belongs in the NFL, then you will miss it altogether. That train is coming this way, and to time your boarding, you will need to stop, look, and listen.