When can the LA Rams be real contenders again?

Win or lose, the LA Rams are proving that a regroup may be the wisest strategy of all. And with renewed reserves in the kitty and in draft picks, the Rams are set up for anonther Super Bowl run in 2024.

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LA Rams Cooper Kupp, Sean Mcvay, Aaron Donald
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Radical option for Rams future success

As a Rams fan, two initial moves may be painful, but every new graft to the Rams roster requires an equal amount of pruning. You, as fans, we need to understand that the NFL is a business. One of the nicknames for the NFL is Not For Long for a reason.

And so, we need to decide whether we would rather keep certain players because we love them or if we would rather see the team succeed even if that means letting them go at their peak value. Sell high, buy low. After all, the LA Rams have already parted ways with NFL stars like DB Jalen Ramsey, OLB Leonard Miller, and inside linebacker Bobby Wagner. So, why not just close our eyes tightly and rip off the bandage all the way?

Yes, that means that unless the Rams start out the 2023 NFL season far better than expected, the first thing Snead should consider is trading away both veteran DL Aaron Donald (providing that the Rams can come to an arrangement with a team that he will want to play for) and WR Cooper Kupp.

Buyers or sellers at 2023 NFL Trade Deadline?

Rather than fall short year after year, if the Rams are struggling early this season, then that means that it’s time for Snead to get the most value that he can for their stars. And as the Rams have proven in the past, the Rams are more than happy to do right by both Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp by ensuring that they land on an NFL contender.

While Cooper Kupp is a little younger, he has crossed over to that age of 30 years old, when some NFL players' production begins to decline. Also, his injury history is becoming more concerning each and every NFL season. Many NFL teams would still love to have Kupp on the roster to play for them though, so there is still some trade value to be had.

I project by trading these two stars, the Rams could potentially receive at least two first- and two third-round picks for the 2024 NFL draft. This would set the Rams up with three first-round picks followed by ten more picks for Rounds 2-7, totaling 13 draft picks in all for the 2024 NFL Draft