When can the LA Rams be real contenders again?

Win or lose, the LA Rams are proving that a regroup may be the wisest strategy of all. And with renewed reserves in the kitty and in draft picks, the Rams are set up for anonther Super Bowl run in 2024.
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Rams have some money in the kitty now

Once the dust settles from the 2023 season and the 2024 NFL Free Agency market opens for business, the Rams can begin rebuilding their team around the standouts we may see from this season. So what is in the LA Rams kitty for discretionary spending cash? Per Spotrac.com, the LA Rams are projected to have over $51 million to spend in 2024. But if the Rams clear both Donald and Kupp off the books this season, that spending cash balloons to over $60+ million.

If Rams GN Les Snead is as savvy as his reputation, he would initially focus on building a strong offensive line. As long as Stafford has protection, he should be able to find at least one receiver open on the majority of passing plays. Additionally, the Rams have three solid running backs who can make plays in open space created by a strong offensive line.

Mo' money

As of September 22, 2023, Over the Cap.com projects the LA Rams to have over $65.1 million to spend in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, so this should not be a hard feat. Some players to target would be Saints OF Andrus Peat, Cowboys OT Tyron Smith, Dolphins C Connor Williams, and Bengals OT Jonah Williams.

Those players’ salaries would likely add up to roughly $33 million next year leaving the Rams with about $32 million left. After building a strong offensive line, Snead could pivot to other improvements by signing key pieces on the defensive side of the ball to build around. Some players he could target include Cardinals DB Budda Baker, Dolphins LB Jerome Baker, Commanders DE Chase Young, Buccaneers LB Devin White, and Falcons defensive back Jeff Okudah.

Obviously, the Rams cannot hope to sign all these players and we must assume the teams they are currently with do not re-sign them as well. But if Snead can land two or three of these guys then he can build around some key pieces on several layers of the defense