When will LA Rams draft special teams specialists?

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Why should LA Rams draft special team specialists

Special teamers can make or break an NFL team's season, or postseason, if the dominos all fall the right way. So those quite specialized but vital roles are worth an investment or two. Of course, long snappers can be signed after the NFL Draft, and a team can still find a worthwhile star who can flourish for years on the Rams roster.

But what about the place kicker? Not only is that role quite demanding of power and accuracy, but the finesse of kicking the football just beyond the goal one to tempt a return that can be halted by a great coverage effort at the 15-yard line should not be overlooked. Place kickers typically end the season as the team's highest scorer. So why leave that to chance?

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Go get a special team difference-maker

So too an elite NFL punter can be the difference between winning and losing. Like an opportunistic defense, a great punter can keep the opposing offense pinned down deep in their half of the football field. Not only does a great punter kick the football for 50+ yards at a time, but he puts enough of an arc into his punts that allow coverage players to surround the returner before the football descends into his arms. Perhaps even more importantly, the best of the best punter can kick the ball out of bounds inside the opponent's 20-yard line. Those coffin kicks can pin the opponent to start their possession as deeply as the one-yard line.

Finally, a gifted return specialist is not just a valuable asset for special teams, but if chosen wisely, and be an excellent offensive weapon either in the backfield as a running back, or in the passing game as a receiver. With the versatility to add to the team in two valuable roles, why leave it up to chance?