Where do the LA Rams stand in terms of coaching staff today?

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Offensive coaches

The LA Rams offense will certainly be both the focus and concern of fans and NFL analysts alike. While this is certainly a period of uncertainty for the team, it's also an opportunity for great changes and success. If there was ever a point in time for the Rams to adopt a more balanced offensive set, and emphasize their ground assault, that time is now.

Am I reading too much into the LA Rams recent coaching hires? Right now, everything is both subjective and speculative, and I admit that is a possibility. But more and more, the background of the new coaches in place suggest that the Rams are not heading into 2023 with a pass-first gunslinger's mentality. While we'll certainly know more after the team hires a new Running Backs coach, the team has the right coaches in place to gear down into a ground and pound.

OL – Ryan Wendell
Asst OL - Zac Kromer
QB – Zac Robinson (interviewing w Chargers/Ravens/more)
TE – Nick Caley (Why I love this hire)
RB – vacant
Ra’Shaad Samples to ASU
WR – Eric Yarber
Sr. Offensive assistant – Greg Olson (interviewing with Chargers)

Of course, the team will need to add the right players to shift in that direction. That makes the 2023 NFL Draft both vital to the future of the team's success, as well as the first real indication of how the team sees needs for the Rams roster to implement the new offensive design.

Just one observation of the Rams OL hire, Ryan Wendell. When he played for the New England Patriots from 2009-16, and for the Carolina Panthers in 2017, he was a 6-foot-2 275-pound athletic center who played in 80 games over the course of his NFL career, and started 49 of them. By comparison, Coleman Shelton, a backup center for the LA Rams, stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 299 pounds. He is an incredibly athletic offensive lineman for the LA Rams, and he has been one of the most dependable man in the trenches over the past two seasons.

The fact that the Rams have hired an offensive line coach whose playing days are remarkably similar to those of Coleman Shelton is a clear indication that the Rams may finally recognize what other NFL teams have already accepted. That is that athletic offensive centers like Jeff Saturday, Jason Kelce, and now Coleman Shelton, have a role to play in any successful NFL offensive line if given a chance.