Where does Los Angeles Rams strength of schedule rank among NFC contenders?

Will the Rams' 2024 schedule difficult?
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams are hoping to build on their 2023 season and make it back to a Super Bowl. To get to that point, there's an entire regular season they'll have to get through but what should Rams fans expect when it comes to the team's schedule in 2024?

Warren Sharp put together a list of every team's strength of schedule for the 2024 season and has the Rams sitting at 17th in strength of schedule. This means that their schedule is in the tougher half of the league for the 2024 campaign.

Rams set to have difficult schedule in 2024

Of course, every game in the NFL is tough but the Rams are set to have their work cut out for them this year. They already play in a tough division with the 49ers making the Super Bowl last season, the Seahawks narrowly missing the playoffs, and the Cardinals set to improve this offseason. That already makes the schedule difficult enough but there are plenty of other tough teams for this year that aren't in the NFC West, including the Bills, Dolphins, Eagles, Lions, and Packers.

Out of that bunch, the Rams/Lions game feels like a primetime affair considering Matthew Stafford's history with the Lions and how electric the playoff game was between these two teams. The Bills are always going to be a tough out and the Packers showed last year that they might not have Aaron Rodgers anymore but Jordan Love could still make them dangerous.

The LA Rams are used to playing the best of the best so this schedule shouldn't scare them. As for the rest of the division, every NFC West team holds a spot from 15 to 18 on the strength of schedule rankings. The Seahawks have the easiest schedule of the bunch, then the Cardinals, then the Rams, and the 49ers have the toughest of the four, which makes sense considering they won the division last year.

Hopefully, the Rams can take care of business in 2024 and get back to being a Super Bowl contender.