Which 2nd year LA Rams player is the most promising building block for 2024?

Bleacher Report named 1 Rams player as the most promising building block for 2024. But with so many candidates, how can they be sure that they named the correct player?
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III: OLB Byron Young

It never ceases to amaze me how NFL analysts who touted a rookie prospect so highly in the weeks and day leading up to the NFL Draft do not stop lauding that player after they begin to compete in the league, and at the expense of players who outperform them. Former Tennessee Volunteers outside linebacker Byron Young was not exactly touted as the star pass rusher in the 2023 NFL Draft. And yet, even after he outperformed all of the other pass rushers in the rookie class, the projections for 2024 continue to tout the potential of his peers.

Okay, so they didn't learn the first time. Looks like Rams OLB Byron Young will need to educate them all, again.

The Rams front office clearly knew what they were doing by naming Byron Young to lead the team's pass rushers. In spite of a rotation, Young played 85 percent of the defensive snaps, and put up 61 tackles, 8.0 quarterback sacks, eight tackles for a loss, 19 quarterback hites. He forced two fumbles, recovered one fumble, He had 10 quarterback hurries, 11 quarterback knockdowns, and 30 quarterback pressures.

While he did not break up a pass, he only allowed 13 of 17 passes thrown at his receiver to find their mark, which is a 76.5 percent completion rate.

While just a rookie, Young clearly put up the type of numbers that a veteran would be proud to have. And yet, as we have heard several times, Young was still figuring the NFL, his role, and his teammates out that first season. Does that mean even better numbers for 2024? You bet it does. With the addition of rookies like OLBs Jared Verse and Brennan Jackson, and DTs Braden Fiske and Tyler Davis, Young will have a much greater opportunity to remain rested throughout the game and the season.

In essence, less means more when it comes to Young in 2024. And with a solid pass rusher always in style in the NFL, and the Rams defense in desperate need of more pass this season, you have to give strong consideration for Byron Young as the Rams most promising building block for 2024. But we have more candidates to consider.