Which direction will the LA Rams go with the 19th overall pick?

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Option I: Stand pat

When push comes to shove, the majority of picks held by any NFL team will be made by that team. While the willingness of the team to stay there may not be very sexy, it is an indication that the team has prepared well and has done it's due diligence for all possible scenarios that may happen. When a team makes the pick at their original spot, it's a very good sign.

For openers, that suggests that one of the players viewed as good value at that spot has either fallen from their projected spot, or that the team has scouted players well enough to have a definitive option to choose.

But standing pat also suggests that the team views the value of making the selection for a player at that spot as the best option for the team. As we had cited previously, picks in Round 1 will have at least three standing offers from other NFL teams who would love to trade up or back into the first round. For the Rams to stand pat, the player they choose will almost certainly have a greater perceived value than any offers made for that pick.

A final benefit to standing pat is the evidence that the draft plan is staying on track. Teams conduct a myriad of mock draft simulations to prepare their draft board for various what-if scenarios. Those plans ultimately address roster depth and positional needs. Improvising on draft day, even as early as Day 1, requires a bit of redirecting the team's draft strategy.