Which direction will the LA Rams go with the 19th overall pick?

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Option B: Pick offensive player

Okay, now that we have discussed when the Rams might pick on Day 1, which side of the football will the Rama pick on Day 1. If you look back over the history of the Rams drafts since hiring HC Sean McVay, you can discover that the Rams have entered the NFL draft with their first pick at the following positions:

  • 2017- tight end | OFFENSE
  • 2018 - offensive tackle | OFFENSE
  • 2019 - safety | DEFENSE
  • 2020 - running back | OFFENSE
  • 2021 - wide receiver | OFFENSE
  • 2022 - interior offensive lineman | OFFENSE
  • 2023 - Interior offensive lineman | OFFENSE

As you can see from the data above, the team has drafted offense six out of seven times since hiring Coach McVay, and the team has opted to invest in the offensive line three times out seven. If you wanted to bet on the trend in 2024, you would look for the team to select an offensive lineman with the 19th overall pick. But is that how the team is thinking this year?

After the retirement of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, on veteran QB Matthew Stafford and WR Cooper Kupp remain on the team with the former designation of 'weigh-bearing walls' for this roster. Is this the opportunity for the team to address bonafide successors to either of their positions, or both?

This draft does have talented multiple options at WR, QB, OT and C. That could lure GM Les Snead into investing know for future peace of mind. After all, having the next generation player at quarterback or wide receiver on the roster in 2024 ensures that there will be plenty of chances to pass on knowledge to the next starter at that position.