Which gifts do you like most about LA Rams RB Kyren Williams?

Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams
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I: He's elite

What I love most about the running of LA Rams RB Kyren Williams is that he allows the Rams offense to do what only elite players allow an offense to do. The Rams can run against any and all defenses right now. That is a characteristic that is only possessed by elite running backs.

The genetics of the LA Rams has long relied upon elite running backs to power this offense. From the days of HC Chuck Noll, affectionately known as 'Ground Chuck,' due to his focus on running the ball, the Rams best offenses have been a formidable blend of both a passing and running game.

Just check out this list of the LA Rams: 15 greatest running backs of all-time. Not only did the Rams base their offense on elite runners over the history of the NFL, but the team supplied some of the best NFL teams with an elite running back as well. And there are even those running backs who found their stride (pun intended) after joining the Rams offense.

Rams fans love to grind out the yards on the ground. That is why Rams fans continue to pay close attention to the offensive line, and lobby hard for the team to run the football. The ability to run the football is the gold standard of the Rams offense, and is something that the fans have had to do without since star RB Todd Gurley rushed at will for the Rams in 2018.

Well, running the football is back on the menu.

Rams fans love a running offense

The ability to run the football opens up the entire Rams team to win. Not only does the entire offense, steeped heavily in play-action, rely on an effective running game, but QB Matthew Stafford's ability to connect with receivers and not defenders is pushed to optimal levels. Kyren Williams is the best running back that Matthew Stafford has ever had in his backfield.

And it shows:

As the weather turns colder, and the competition heats up, running the football effectively has even more benefits for an NFL team. The ability to control the game clock limites the opponent's ability to score. And with Kyren Williams running the football, the Rams ability to win a battle of turnovers is greatly improved as well. Finally, the Rams rushing has led to more points scored, which forces opposing offenses to abandon their game plan and try to get back into games by focusing on passing almost exclusively.

With the Rams offense supercharged, the Rams defense can focus on making opposing offenses one dimensional. While fans may want the Rams defense to stop everything, it's a better strategy from the defense's perspective to stop the most dangerous weapons on the opposing offense, and force the team to try winning with either running or passing the football exclusively.

Since the BYE, the strategy has been rather successful. In the end, why try to fix something that is working? There you have it. Which of Kyren Williams gifts in 2023 do you most appreciate?