Which gifts do you like most about rookie WR Puka Nacua?

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams, Puka Nacua
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams, Puka Nacua / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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III: He's dependable

The LA Rams possess an excellent foundation for an offensive skill player. But the opportunity to compete in live action comes at a price. The Rams do not just throw rookies onto the football field just to see what happens. To play in the LA Rams offense, a rookie must be able to block, to run, and to catch the football.

Thankfully, Puka Nacua has earned high grades in all three aspects. It's that fact that has allowed him to be targeted in the Rams passing attack 146 times, nearly more than all other Rams wide receivers combined.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay does not simply doll out opportunities to rookies because it's the right thing to do. He gives opportunities to players only after they have demonstrated that they have earned those opportunities. Just check out the latest accomplishment by Puka Nacua to see what I mean:

It's not often that a rookie wide receiver bursts into the NFL with 1000+ receiving yards. In 15 games, Nacua has gained 1,327 receiving yard, and there are two more games remaining on the LA Rams schedule.

His least productive games have been two games against the Arizona Cardinals. He was eight for 15 catches for 55 yards and no touchdowns in those games. But he has six games with over 100 receiving yards so far. And it's safe to assume that he will be even more effective in 2024.