Which LA Rams players have a chance to win an NFL award in 2023?

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
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AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year 2023-24

I - Zach Evans: +6000 This one is a complete shocker, but it's quite clear that the NFL Oddsmakers love the fit of Ole Miss running back Zach Evans in the LA Rams offense, and I have to say that I am in complete agreement. As if he needed any extra incentive, the fact that the third-best running back in the 2023 NFL Draft fell to a spot on Day 3 with the 215th overall pick will put a chip on his shoulder.

Evans has the makings of a solid NFL starting running back. If the Rams are renewing a commitment to the running attack, then Evans is the perfect weapon for the Rams' offense. The question remains, just how committed are the Rams to running the football? If they do, then Zach Evans could be a tremendous weapon in the NFL.

II - Stetson Bennett: +10000 The NFL Oddsmakers did not overlook the potential synergy that arose when the LA Rams drafted former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett. Not only did he dominate in college football, but he also arrived in the NFL as the instant backup quarterback to the LA Rams veteran QB Matthew Stafford. That means that Bennett is one ding, bump, or bruise away from being a starting quarterback for the LA Rams.

That may never happen this season. Or it could happen early. If Bennett plays quarterback for the LA Rams, I believe that he can and will deliver. Perhaps not to the level of legendary Kurt Warner. But I could see a Gardner Minshew level of production from him.

AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 2023-24

Shockingly, and despite the fact that the LA Rams defense is a wide-open group to starting rookies, the NFL Oddsmakers offer no Rams rookie a snowball's chance in hell of earning the AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 2023-24. So, in the absence of FanDuel-endorsed rookies, here are my thoughts as to some Rams rookies who hold a remote chance of being honored in this category.

I - Tre Tomlinson: +12000 While there are many NFL scouts and analysts that downgraded the NFL potential of the 5-foot-8 178-pound defensive back out of TCU named Tre Tomlinson (full name is Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson), the LA Rams saw through that bias. Perhaps it was the amazing success of DB Darious Williams, who stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 187 pounds that gives the Rams organization the confidence in Tomlinson. But this all starts an opportunity, and I would not be the least bit surprised if Tre Tomlinson starts for the Rams secondary on Day 1.

II - Byron Young: +12000 LA Rams' newest rookie outside linebacker Byron Young may be starting anew with the Rams and the NFL, but he arrives at the age of 25 years old, which is as old as veteran outside linebacker Michael Hoecht. While that has discouraged some from recognizing his potential upside, I believe that this gives Young a far more mature and unique perspective throughout his NFL journey. In short, Young will be more focused on the moment, and that gives him a competitive advantage. I think Young earns a starting role as the outside linebacker for the LA Rams.

III - Kobie Turner: +15000 The LA Rams roster needed to add rookie defensive linemen, and may have found a future fan favorite in DL Kobie Turner. While I don't believe that he will start as a rookie for the Rams defensive line, I do believe that he has the opportunity to contribute as a significant rotational player, and his ability will make it next to impossible for the Rams to keep him on the bench.

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Despite the fact that the LA Rams are a rather young and raw team, the Rams roster still boasts the potential to have elite performances in the 2023 NFL season. Who will deliver for the LA Rams this season? Will any player on the Rams roster deliver this season? That's the fun of the offseason, isn't it? In shorts and tee-shirts, practically every player on the roster of any NFL team has the look of a future Pro Bowler.

We know that the LA Rams team is focused on building something special in the future. But that future can start now. And for the young players who are competing for playing time and roster spots, that future is now.