Which NFL teams signed the most LA Rams free agents?

Los Angeles Rams Baker Mayfield
Los Angeles Rams Baker Mayfield / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The LA Rams provided the 2023 NFL free agency market with a number of quality players who, primarily for financial reasons, were not extended to play for the Rams in 2023. As of May 25, 2023, the number of free agents signed by other NFL teams number 15, while 10 former LA Rams players remain uncommitted.

So who are the bargain shopping teams in the NFL right now? Curiously enough, 10 NFL teams have dabbled in hiring former LA Rams players, but only two teams have shown the inclination to shop multiple times from players whose contracts expired with the Rams: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills.

Curiously, the Buccaneers have signed three former LA Rams players, but two of the three players are former quarterbacks of the Rams. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed both quarterback Baker Mayfield, a candidate for starting quarterback, and quarterback John Wolford, whose value throughout training camp and the regular season running scouting teams is a bit undervalued. It makes some sense for the Buccaneers to double dip, as they are looking to reform their quarterback room after the final retirement of quarterback Tom Brady. Having a pair of veteran QBs on the offense will ensure that the offense, and training camp, will run smoothly

So who is the third free agent? Defensive lineman Greg Gaines will reunite with his former Washington Huskies teammate Vita Vea and reinforce the Buccaneers' defensive front. The Buccaneers had regressed in terms of stopping the run, and hope that the infusion of Gaines into their line of scrimmage can help reverse that trend.

Shuffling off to Buffalo

The only other trio of former LA Rams free agents to sign with the same team all migrated to join the Buffalo Bills. They are offensive lineman David Edwards, safety Taylor Rapp, and most recently, linebacker Travin Howard. So why would the Bills be interested in adding former Rams players?

For now, it appears that the Buffalo Bills were shopping for depth, and will likely assign Edwards, Rapp, and Howard into backup roles. Not only does that make their team more competitive for the 2023 NFL season, but it allows the former Rams starters to compete for and earn playing time through the course of training camp.

While some may scoff at the fact that Rams starters are no better than backups for other teams, keep in mind that they are learning a new system, and for the most part must prove themselves to their new coaches. While I wish them all well with their new teams, I draw the line when it conflicts with the success of the LA Rams.