Which of these 3 injured LA Rams offensive linemen will remain on the Rams roster?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Bobby Evans, Logan Bruss, Jeremiah Kolone
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Bobby Evans, Logan Bruss, Jeremiah Kolone / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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I think that it is safe to say that the LA Rams suffered an unprecedented number of injuries to the offensive line in 2022, So much so that the Rams were forced to sign more than a handful of free-agent veterans just to make it through the season. It was so devastating that the Rams had to send out a new configuration of offensive linemen in 12 consecutive weeks. No NFL team can win with 12 different versions of their offensive line.

The problem was that we saw the tremendously risky gamble that the LA Rams were taking by expecting an offensive line that included Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen to start. It was not a matter of ability. Rather it was a question of durability. And the experiences of 2022 have even more firmly entrenched our concerns over both Noteboom and Allen and expanded that number of injury-prone offensive linemen to include last year's rookie IOL Logan Bruss.

So it's safe to say that our concerns are even more acute this season.

Rams called up the reserves, and it went downhill from there

After all, the lessons learned last year were quite costly. The LA Rams fell from a 12-5 team to a 5-12 team almost instantly. But it was not the initial injuries that were so devastating. A 20/20 hindsight review suggests that it was a matter of hubris. The Rams depth chart for offensive linemen burned almost instantly through the reserves, and then the Rams roster was stuck in a quagmire.

Because the Rams starters had been so very dependable, the Rams depth chart were able to successfully carry marginal players like Bobby Evans, Jeremiah Kolone, and others who were neither up to the challenge of being called into service instantly, nor showing the potential into an NFL starter down the road.

To pay the elite players, the Rams had to shop for economical options for their reserves on the offensive line. Unfortunately, the Rams were forced to call up the reserves last season, and it was not pretty.