Which of these 3 injured LA Rams offensive linemen will remain on the Rams roster?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Bobby Evans, Logan Bruss, Jeremiah Kolone
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Bobby Evans, Logan Bruss, Jeremiah Kolone / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Brian Allen / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

More than a feeling about Noteboom, Allen, and Bruss

It's more than just a bad feeling, unsettled mojo, or just a subjective bias that we are talking about here. Injuries beget injuries. Joe Noteboom has struggled to stay healthy throughout training camp and preseason practices. Logan Bruss had to be helped off the field by Rams trainers in a preseason game. Whether rehabbing from injury or not, veteran Brian Allen continues to get rest days in what can only be interpreted as some version of workload management to prevent a relapse.

I do not know who the LA Rams or you score that on your score cards, but that type of news is an automatic disqualification for a starting role. I mean, let's break this down objectively.

Let me put it this way: If a guy is already banged up, nursing injuries, and unable to put in the work with his teammates before the season starts, what possible assurances can anyone come up with that it will all settle when the season, and full-on collision impacts begin?

Better safe than sorry

In my mind, no starter can have that type of background heading into an NFL season unless they are record-setters or All-Pro players. So the question is, what should the Rams do with these players?

While that is certainly something to debate, one thing is certain. You do not close your eyes, wish upon a star, and then send them out to start for the team on the offensive line. Not only is that simply a bad decision, but it places veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford at unnecessary risk.

The LA Rams are not trialing a rookie quarterback who can benefit from a little adversity and pressure that is inherently what comes with a young or undependable offensive line. The Rams have a veteran quarterback in Matthew Stafford, whose own demands for this season require the offensive line to create a picture-perfect pass pocker in which he can operate.

The Rams cannot win if the offensive line cannot protect Stafford, it's just that simple. So it's not about loyalty or pride. It's about fixing the offensive line that allowed Stafford to suffer a concussion and ultimately a bruised spinal cord last season. So no, sending the same guys who struggled a year ago back out there again is just not going to cut it until they prove that they can perform better this year.