Which of these 7 LA Rams rookies will take a huge step forward in 2024?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Sean McVay / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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There are plenty of accomplishments from the LA Rams rookie class of 2023 to acknowledge and applaud. And if the LA Rams entered the 2023 NFL season with a belief that 2023 was another playoff season, then it's quite likely that the LA Rams would be going all-in again. That may have changed the Rams' entire approach to the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline. To be clear, perhaps the LA Rams front office would have been more inclined to make those headlining blockbuster trades that would have brought another big-name NFL star to the LA Rams roster.

But that may have impacted this team in ways that we can only guess. You see, you can't change history in any 'What if . . . ?" scenario without acknowledging that everything is therefore subject to change. After all, how can a rookie learn to compete in the NFL if never given a chance to compete in the NFL?

Sometimes, the best course of action is to sit and wait. Not every challenge, problem, or hurdle has an immediate fix. Not all ailments have a magic pill or injection that cures all symptoms. Sometimes in life, the best response is to let nature run its course. And in the case of the LA Rams, a team that definitely needed rookies to take up the yolk of carrying this team, the Rams have proof positive evidence that the right rookies can do exactly that.

Not every rookie who competed for a roster spot on the LA Rams roster earned a roster spot. In many ways, the competition for a spot on the Rams roster in 2023 was incredibly fierce, because there were far fewer veterans with an inside track for a significant role. Furthermore, the Rams coaching staff was prepared to raise the bar for players in training camp, so that by the time the season arrived, it would do so without a hitch.

But after all that painstaking work to get ready to play in 2023, which rookies will overshoot expectations in 2024? Which players have likely already plateaued? And are their new faces from the group who may ascend to a significant role simply from having more time to develop and learn about the NFL?