Which positions should Rams target after the 2023 NFL Draft

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Which positions will the Rams target after the draft?

In one report, the 2023 NFL Draft class is currently projected to be both deep and talented at tight end, defensive back, edge rusher, quarterback, and interior defensive line. In another draft report, the 2023 NFL Draft class is projected to be deep at tight end, edge rusher, running back, wide receiver, offensive tackle, defensive back and quarterback.

So what is the consensus?

  1. Tight end
  2. Edge rusher
  3. Defensive back
  4. Quarterback
  5. Offensive tackle
  6. Interior defensive lineman
  7. Wide receiver

The closest UDFA class in recent history was the 2020 UDFA class which consisted of 22 rookie players. How did the Rams distribute their positions in that class? Let's turn back the calendar and take another look at which positions the Rams targetted after the 2020 NFL Draft:

How well did the Rams do in 2020?

Defense (12)
Defensive linemen - 5
Defensive backs - 4
Edge Rushers
Linebackers - 3

Offense (10)
Offensive linemen - 1
Wide Receivers - 5
Running backs - 2
Quarterbacks - 2
Tight ends

Special Teams (0)
While no ST specialists were added, several WRs had ST experience

As you can see, the LA Rams covered a lot of ground in their 2020 UDFA signings. From that class initially, the Rams ended up retaining 11 of their UDFA signings on the practice squad, as well as three players to the 53-man roster. If you use the 2020 Rams roster build as the template for 2023, the Rams were very successful with their UDFA signings, retaining 14 of 22 which equates to a 63.6 percent hit rate.

Of course, the objective with UDFA prospects is to keep them around long enough to invest sufficient time and coaching instruction to optimize their NFL potential. Not all rookies will pan out, and so that is presumed from the 2023 UDFA signings. But if the Rams sign 34 and retain 17 of those players either on the active roster or the 16-man practice squad, that is a huge plus for the team.