Which positions should Rams target after the 2023 NFL Draft

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Projected UDFA selection in 2023 (presuming 34 signings)

The LA Rams roster is simply too porous right now to have a good feel of how well this team will do. In sharp contrast, the team is too cash-strapped right now to make any effort to signing veterans without a great deal of prerequisite moves to adjust salary expenses this year to allow cap space for such signings.

Simply stated, it appears that the Rams will indeed be targeting more than a third of their 90-man roster in the undrafted rookie free agency pool of talent. So which positions might the team look to target, based on 2020 and the depth of the 2023 rookie class? Here is our initial projection:

Defense (16)
Defensive linemen - 5
Defensive backs - 4
Edge Rushers - 4
Linebackers - 3

Offense (15)
Offensive linemen - 3
Wide Receivers - 5
Running backs - 2
Quarterbacks - 2
Tight ends - 2

Special Teams (4)
Punter - 1
Kicker - 2
Long snapper - 1

Rams roster rounded out by inexpensive UDFA signings

Keep in mind that these are UDFA signings after the 2023 NFL Draft has ended. Since we have no data on which positions the LA Rams intend to target in the draft, we have little data to go on in terms of roster needs and depth after the draft. But as we had pointed out earlier in this article, the LA Rams succeeded in translating two of the undrafted linemen and one of the inside linebackers from 2020 into players who are projected to contribute in 2023.

As we focus on the LA Rams draft and pre-draft meetings, feel free to use this SWAG (Scientific Wild Assed Guess) as a checklist for the post-draft signings. A checklist like this can also aid in helping to set the priorities in the 2023 NFL Draft as well.

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I suppose in the grand scheme of things, however the LA Rams succeed or fail at making wise signings after the 2023 NFL Draft will not move the needle much. But there is more to it than simply what those individual players do for the team. For every inexpensive undrafted rookie who can earn a spot on the Rams roster, the team has that much more available cap space to spend on elite NFL talent.

Occasionally, the Rams will find a gem in TE Johnny Mundt, DE Morgan Fox, ILB Cory Littleton, or OLB Michael Hoecht. When that happens, all the work and effort pay off handsomely. With 34 rookies signed, there are plenty of reasons to look for a gold nugget or two or even three in the Rams UDFA signings this year.