Who are the 5 worst QBs the Los Angeles Rams face in the 2024 NFL Season?

The LA Rams should have an easier time with these five QBs.
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4. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

Derek Carr is like the Walmart version of Kirk Cousins, but even Cousins isn't super special. A career-losing QB, Carr has spurts of really awesome QB play, and his stats in 2023 would lead you to believe he's a top-10 passer. He just isn't, and was definitely onto something before his lower leg injury all those years ago.

Carr is a nice short-term bridge QB option at this point in his career and does still have the capability of putting up some nice stats here and there. Overall, though, no defense should really have to be worried about Carr. He can get a bit too anxious in the pocket and isn't someone with a ton of mobility.

3. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

It looks like Geno Smith started to write back in 2023. His 2022 season was actually something we've seen from backup-caliber QBs for decades; they somehow burst onto the scene one year only to return to their previous form in the next year. At this point, Smith is probably the 20th-best QB in the NFL and could, like Carr, be a nice short-term bridge QB option for a team.

The Seahawks might be using year one of the Mike Macdonald era as an evaluation year, so that could impact Geno Smith. The Seahawks did trade for Sam Howell earlier this offseason, so maybe he can get some action at some point.