Who do you believe earned the game ball for Week 12 win over Cardinals?

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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There were many who were uncertain of how well the LA Rams would play in a Week 12 showdown against the Arizona Cardinals. The honest answer is that the LA Rams track record in the 2023 NFL season did nothing to instill the sort of confidence needed to expect the LA Rams to go on the road and beat an NFC West Division rival.

By every stretch of the imagination, the Arizona Cardinals had everything needed to win the game. The Arizona Cardinals were healthy. The Cardinals had plenty of incentive to take revenge on the LA Rams. The Cardinals were playing at home. And perhaps most of all, Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Kyler Murray is playing for his job, and perhaps even his NFL career.

So it was not surprising in the least that Rams fans were not feeling confident in a victory. You only need to glance at the Rams' schedule over the 2023 NFL season to find no evidence of the Rams winning back-to-back games. And yet, that is exactly what the LA Rams did in Week 12.

Who gets the Rams game ball for Week 12?

If you want All-Pro elite level of play from the LA Rams in Week 12, you likely only witnessed flashes from the Rams roster in this game. But make no mistake about how well the Rams competed in this one. This was not a game with players merely showing up and waiting for the stars on the team to do star-level plays. The Rams entire team showed fight on every play.

Many hands make light work, and it was clear throughout the day that this aged wise saying described the LA Rams efforts all game long. So who do you think gets the game ball for Week 12? Of course, there are plenty of statistics to compare and applaud. But what of the guys in the trenches who take on the burden of blocking, or in the case of Aaron Donald, face multiple blockers, which allows other players to fill the highlight reels?

We know that the Rams award a game ball after a victory to the player who had the most positive impact in the game. But let's give you, the fans, a chance to cite who you feel deserve the game ball or game balls. We'll present a case for some of the Rams top performers, and you can name up to 3 players who you feel deserves recognition for great football play against the Arizona Cardinals.

Are you ready to cast your vote? Just leave your comments on our Facebook page and include the phrase #Week12GameBalls and we will tally your votes up and compare how fans award versus Coach Sean McVay.

All set? Okay, so let's look over some of the sung and unsung heroes for Week 12: