Who do you believe earned the game ball for Week 12 win over Cardinals?

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XIII: The case for IOL Kevin Dotson

There is a level of satisfaction when reading forums and comments from Rams fans who take the time to cite the performance of LA Rams newly acquired interior offensive lineman Kevin Dotson. After all, to judge how well an offensive guard is playing, you need to pay close attention to what is happening on the offensive line.

It takes a savvy fan to take note of blocks made by an offensive guard. Everything about a football game compels us to follow the football, and no offensive lineman handles the football if he is doing his job correctly. That is what is so special about Kevin Dotson, as he continues to do his job correctly for the LA Rams.

For statistical evidence, you either need to rely on third-party vendors who confirm that your player is performing well, or take matter into your hands by subscribing to All-22, and grading the player yourself. But to get an indirect gauge of just how good this guy is, you need to look at the Rams rushing yards. The Rams ran for 228 yards in Week 12, and many of those yards came thanks to open holes and running lanes. Thankfully, many Rams fans truly appreciate the performance of RG Kevin Dotson. I hope the Rams front office is equally appreciative.

XII: The case for DB Ahkello Witherspoon

There are many reasons for LA Rams fans to love what the team accomplished in the 2023 NFL Draft and after. The Rams have six starting rookies on the team who are playing very well, but this team is more than a group of first year players. One veteran who signed a team-friendly contract and is playing lights out is defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon.

Witherspoon may not be at the same level as former Rams All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey, but he is certainly playing well enough to help this Rams defense represent itself well. Witherspoon is without a doubt the most effective defensive back in the Rams secondary, and Week 12 was no exception. Witherspoon recorded two tackles, and broke up three passes on the day. It was his ability to frustrate the Cardinals passing attack that allowed the Rams to mount a sizeable lead.

Witherspoon is playing on a veteran minimum contract in 2023. He is clearly a great value for the Rams in this defense.