Who do you believe earned the game ball for Week 12 win over Cardinals?

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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V: The case for Kobie Turner

Rookie Kobie Turner has stepped into some big shoes for the LA Rams. He follows a list of young nose tackles who have made their marks on the LA Rams defense and earned the admiration and respect of Rams fans. Players like Sebastian Joseph Day and Greg Gaines earned a starting role with the LA Rams, and have gone on to sign and play for other NFL teams. But quite honestly, rookie nose tackle Kobie Turner may be the best of the bunch.

In 11 games, Turner has accumulated 42 tackles and 4.0 quarterback sacks and has accomplished all of this from the nose tackle position. Nicknamed The Conductor, you can bet that he gets the band playing from his nose tackle spot. Unlike other nose tackles who gobble blockers and shield the inside linebacker, Turner is a huge force to be reckoned with, as his two quarterback sacks in Week 12 prove. Turner is on a collision course with Pro Bowl honors. It may not be 2023, but it will happen in the future.

IV: The case for Tyler Higbee

I absolutely love it when an LA Rams veteran player proves me wrong, insomuch as it results in a positive performance. In a recent article about aging veterans, I named tight end Tyler Higbee as a player who seemed to have lost a step in his blocking ability and in his pass-catching role on the Rams offense. Well, it seems that my alarming recap of his underperforming season was a bit premature.

Higbee was a perfect five of five at catching passes in Week 12, posting 29 yards and two touchdowns in the process. But what I was most impressed with was the fact that Higbee was active and very effective at laying the lumber at blocking Cardinals defenders. It was Higbee's ability to engage and hold blocks that sprang Rams rushers so effectively against the Cardinals.