Who do you believe earned the game ball for Week 12 win over Cardinals?

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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I: The case for Kyren Williams

It's hard not to give just-returned running back Kyren Williams a standing ovation for his Week 12 performance. After all, Williams ran the football 16 times for 143 yards. But he also caught all six passes thrown his way for 61 yards and two touchdowns. For nearly the entire game, Williams 204 yards of total offense and two touchdowns outgained and outscored the entire Arizona Cardinals offense. Well, at least until the Cardinals drove the length of the football field to score on 10 plays that covered 75 yards in the final eight minutes of the game.

While Kyren Williams dominated the Cardinals in Week 12, hopefully the Rams have saved enough of Williams to ensure that he can handle the workload through the remaining six games on the Rams schedule.

Williams has 599 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns for the season on 113 carries, and 166 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns on 19 receptions and 30 targets so far this year. But of that total, Williams has 36 rushes for 301 yards and one touchdown, plus six of six catches for 61 yards and two touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals.

More than 50 percent of his rushing yards and a third of his touchdowns have come by thrashing the Arizona Cardinals. Clearly, Williams has the Cardinals' number. But can the Rams get similar production against their remaining six opponents? That is the million-dollar question, isn't it?

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