Who is behind the rise of the LA Rams offensive line in 2023?

Los Angeles Rams. Rams offensive line
Los Angeles Rams. Rams offensive line / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Whether or not the grades from Pro Football Focus reflect the improvement in the LA Rams offensive line in 2023, Rams fans have been spot on in their respect and admiration of the unit. The LA Rams offensive line has been a bit of a paradox this season. Despite minimal changes to the Rams roster for the group overall, the starting offensive linemen have had a turnover of some 80 percent from the team's Super Bowl-winning season.

And the changes were not done from a significant investment in the group via the past two NFL drafts. In fact, the top rookie selection from the 2022 NFL Draft, IOL Logan Bruss, remains on the Rams practice squad. This is a group that isn't pedigreed with a cast of top draft selectees, or even NFL perennial Pro Bowlers.

The LA Rams offensive line is tough, gritty, and for a refreshing change, quite durable. Let's give the guys their due respect. Much of the adversity of 2022 was not simply a lack of talent, the talent was and is there. It's an ability to remain healthy, to step into the trenches each week with the confidence of not only knowing your role, but the belief that the players to the left and the right of you are capable and willing to chip in to help.

The LA Rams offensive line in the past was akin to a sea wall, a rigid construction designed to stop the relentless waves of defenders by forcing them to crash helplessly against the phalanx. But sometimes, that flow of pass rushers found a crack, and they managed to break through to the quarterback.

This 2023 version of the LA Rams offensive line tries a different approach. Rather than rigidly blocking in place, the unit acts in a nearly choreographed set of moves that focuses on attacking the running lanes with multiple bodies, and then advancing downfield to attack the second and third-tier defenders.

So who pulled this all together? Let's discuss their contributions: