Who is behind the rise of the LA Rams offensive line in 2023?

Los Angeles Rams. Rams offensive line
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IV: Advisor Mike Munchak

When discussing the LA Rams offensive line, we need to start the discussion by turning to Hall of Fame offensive lineman, Mike Munchak, who was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in March 1960. He not only had an impressive NFL career as a player, but he has since coached for the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the franchise known as the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans.

His coaching career spans from 1994 (Offensive assistant coach, QC Coach) with the Houston Oilers, to 2021 as the offensive line coach of the Denver Broncos. That is 28 years of unceasing employment in the NFL as an offensive line coach. That's saying quite a bit for the guy.

The LA Rams have been incredibly fortunate to have Munchak as an offensive line advisor, which is his role with the LA Rams organization right now. Per an interview with right tackle Rob Havenstein, J.B. Long explores how Munchak has been contributing to the team on a weekly basis, and how that contribution has giving the Rams offensive linemen insight and a fresh perspective.

All NFL players know that if you have the chance to hear from, and discuss offensive line blocking schemes and tactics with a Hall of Famer, you need to show up and listen intently. Kudos to the LA Rams for structuring their offensive line to have access to such a valuable resource as Mike Munchak, an esteemed NFL coach in his own right, but a former HOF offensive guard who has earned the right to talk the trade.