Who is behind the rise of the LA Rams offensive line in 2023?

Los Angeles Rams. Rams offensive line
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III: Assistant OL Coach Zak Kromer

There are plenty of new faces on the Rams coaching staff, which is especially true of the coaches assigned to working with the LA Rams offensive line. But the Rams have ensured a level of continuity, as Assistant Offensive Line Coach Zak Kromer is coaching in his eighth season for the LA Rams.

Zak is the son of former Rams offensive line coach Aaron Kromer and has continued to ply his trade with the LA Rams football team even after the Rams and Coach Kromer parted ways. Zak Kromer has paid his dues on the LA Rams coaching staff, He has served as the Rams' offensive assistant coach in 2017, as the Rams' offensive QC coach from 2018 through 2020, as the Rams offensive assistant coach in 2021 and 2022, and now as the LA Rams assistant OL coach this season.

Despite his kaleidoscope of official titles, Kromer has built a fine reputation of working with the LA Rams offensive linemen under adverse scenarios. Kromer aided the injury riddled offensive line in 2019 to swap in veterans to help take over the vacated starting roles. In 2020, that offensive line prowess carried over to a running attack that averaged 126.1 rushing yards per game, good enough to be the 10th best rushing offense in the NFL. If you recall, the Rams relied on rookie RB Cam Akers combined with veteran RBs Darrell Henderson Jr. and RB Malcolm Brown.

Over the next two season, Kromer would pivot to work with the LA Rams tight end group. It was during this period of time that veteran tight end Tyler Higbee would produce a career-high 72 catches for 620 yards and three touchdowns,

Kromer's versatility to work with various offensive positions to ensure superb blocking techniques and results has made him an invaluable component to the Rams offensive line performance in 2023. But there two more contributors that need to be discussed.