Who is Brennan Jackson, and why must every Rams fan know who he is?

LA Rams rookie OLB Brennan Jackson could be compared to Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil, but he is more destructive and relentless than that.
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams pass rush was a top priority in the off-season. And yet, the team did not chase NFL veterans who were seeking big sacks of cash to put up big sacks on opposing quarterbacks. Pickings were a bit thin in the off-season, even when considering those who were still under contract but available by trade.

Unlike past seasons when the team was willing to dangle valuable draft picks to rent a game-changing veteran, the strategy changed when the team shed expensive veterans after a disappointing 2022 NFL season. The team was no longer willing to trade valuable picks for instant-impact players.

It was bite-the-bullet time for a front office that had continued to kick the can of NFL finances and salary cap into future years. But after the team suffered an injury epidemic in 2022 that led to a pathetic 5-12 record, the team was no longer in the mood to spend big bucks on players. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the team circled the wagons and retrenched, committing to inexpensive rookies and bargain basement veterans for the 2023 NFL season.

But the roster needed more help, and the front office was more than happy to comply. The 2024 NFL Draft was loaded with talented pass rushers, and the team landed a dandy in Florida State outside linebacker Jared Verse with the 19th overall pick, a spot I never anticipated him falling to before the draft. Verse is a superb and polished pass rusher who can lead a second wave of defensive rookies in 2024. But the Rams were not done addressing the OLB position.