Who is Brennan Jackson, and why must every Rams fan know who he is?

LA Rams rookie OLB Brennan Jackson could be compared to Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil, but he is more destructive and relentless than that.
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Washington State warrior joins Rams roster

Rookie OLB Brennan Jackson has two things going for him that no other rookie does. He was actually one of the solid fits that we had mocked to the LA Rams this year. The second unique quality about OLB Brennan Jackson is that he is the only rookie drafted by the team who they had met with before the 2024 NFL Draft

So what was it about Brennan Jackson that made him such an obvious and ideal fit for this team? I suppose it all comes down to the fact that he checked both boxes of a passionate player who plays a very physical brand of football.

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The Rams need competition among pass rushers, and Jackson is going to push the pedal to the metal throughout trading camp. He was projected as high as a late Day 2 rookie prospect on some draft boards, but the Rams were able to select him in the middle of Round 5 with the 154th overall pick.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 263 pounds, Jackson is a big-bodied bully who love to initiate contact and make tackles. He is a fearless tough-nosed blue collar pass rusher whose greatest fear is not messing up a play, but rather not having a play to make. He competed in the PAC-10, faced some of the nation's best offensive tackles, played pass coverage against some of the nation's best quarterbacks, and remained one of the consistently most feared defenders on the football field.

And that is only going to get better as he competes in the NFL.