Who is Brennan Jackson, and why must every Rams fan know who he is?

LA Rams rookie OLB Brennan Jackson could be compared to Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil, but he is more destructive and relentless than that.
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Brennan Jackson / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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A dynamo pass rusher will energize this pass rush

While he arrives as the low guy on the depth chart, don't look for Brennan Jackson to say buried for long. Jackson stood out again and again in college highlights. He dominated with a hand in the dirt as well as in a two-point stance. He exhibits an entire arsenal of pass rush moves that include a bull rush, a swim move, spin move, and does it all with an accelerator that rivals a NASCAR race car.

Can he translate that NCAA dominance into the NFL? While that is a question that nobody can answer just yet, Brennan Jackson has a very healthy outlook for his rookie NFL season. He wants to play football, and will do so on special teams, defense, and likely even offense if it means that he will have a chance to initiate contact.

There really is a lot to love about what this rookie brings to the roster.

While he has been quite promising in shorts and tee shirts so far, the true love-fest will begin when the pads go on. Jackson is as natural of a football as a fish is a water-breather. And pads will bring out the beast, so to speak.

"The biggest thing is staying who I am in terms of being relentless and an energy monster and being physical on the field, because that can never change. And then also just realizing this is going to be a whole new playbook, being a sponge with knowledge, and getting on special teams, be somehow that craves to be on the field to make big impact plays happen. There is no better way than special teams early on, because those are game-changing plays. So bringing that same relentless motor and energy to all phases of the game is gonna help me stay here for a long time"

Brennan Jackson

Jackson knows that it will take a lot to earn a spot and keep it on the 53-man Rams' roster. He knows that the field is quite crowded already, and that he is fighting to stay alive among players who already have a year or more worth of NFL experience.

But catching up will not be a problem for Brennan Jackson.

Jackson put up solide numbers in terms of production and in terms of progressive development for the Washington State Cougars, and he did so against some of the nation's best competitors. That did not stop him from putting up 98 tackles, 24.5 tackles for a loss, 14.5 quarterback sacks, broke up six passes, recovered four fumbles and ran back three for a touchdown, and forced two fumbles.

If he can replicate that level of production in 2024, the defense will be one of the most feared in the NFL. I, for one, believes he can do it.

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