Why Bobby Brown's return means more than his individual stats

While the LA Rams ready for Week 11, injured players are coming back. The latest to do so is DT Bobby Brown III
Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams, Bobby Brown III
Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams, Bobby Brown III / Harry How/GettyImages

While the LA Rams finally had the opportunity to rest and recover during their Week 10 BYE, the timing of a week 'off,' from the wear and tear of competing each week in a professional football game could not have come at a more opportunie time. The LA Rams competed in Week 9 with a roster that was a pale version of itself.

LA Rams DT Bobby Brown III Is an under-the-radar performer for the LA Rams defensive front. He is a big ole blocker gobbler, a behemoth who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 324 pounds. Like many players who compete on a professional sports team, you cannot simply measure his impact in any given game by his individual statistics. In five games this season, he has just 13 tackles and no quarterback sacks.

To truly appreciate Brown's role, you must assess the performance of the Rams defense. In the five games that he competed in, the LA Rams were 2-3. The defense surrendered, on average, 21.6 points per game. But perhaps best of all, the Rams were very competitive.

Brown coming back is great news for the Rams roster

Brown's return may not set off the alarms, bells, and whistles for all LA Rams fans, but you can bet that the Rams coaching staff and players are delighted at the news:

The Rams currently have two players who are designated to return, NT Bobby Brown III and TE Hunter Long. No corresponding roster move will be needed for the team to create an open roster slot, as the Rams roster is currently populated by just 51 players.

Before his injury, Bobby Brown III was competing at an ever-improving level, generating 10 of his 13 tackles in the last two games this season. Hopefully, his return will result in him picking up right where he left off in terms of tackles and performance.

Brown is the type of player who will engage multiple offensive linemen, paving the way for the Rams linebackers to slide in and make plays. LA Rams starting inside linebacker Ernest Jones was a player who benefitted from playing in Bobby Brown's shadow. In the first five games of the season, Jones averaged 10.6 tackles per game. After Brown was sent to IR, that average tumbled to 7.3 tackles per game.

Jones was inactive in Week 9 due to a nagging knee injury. Hopefully, he will be back and lined up behind Bobby Brown in Week 11.