Why fantasy football owners should flock to LA Rams RB Kyren Williams in 2024

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Kyren Williams
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Kyren Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The addition of rookie RB Blake Corum and veteran RB Boston Scott has raised the alarm from some NFL analysts who view LA Rams feature RB Kyren Williams as an injury risk this season. Even if that were the case, you only have to turn the page back to 2023 to see just how dominating Williams can perform in just 12 NFL games. That's right, third best running back in the NFL.

1,144 yards and 12 touchdown in just 12 games.

No other running back in the NFL's Top-5 rushers had fewer carries. No other running back in the NFL's Top-25 played in fewer games. Only six players in the NFL carried the football 100 or more times and averaged more yards per carry than Williams, and two of those players were quarterbacks. The truth is that no NFL player (other than teammate rookie WR Puka Nacua) burst onto the NFL scene with such positive impact in 2023 than RB Kyren WIlliams.

Williams was expected to contribute in 2023, not to lead a reinvigorated rushing attack by the LA Rams offense last season. It was that unexpected 'out of nowhere,' success that truly powered the team on many fronts. Not only did a renewed rushing offense gain yards and put up points, but it enabled the team to control the game clock. It also kept defenses honest, forcing them to hold back on rushing Stafford to see whether the team would run the ball.

That sudden ability to run the football breathed new life into a very young defense too.

So why wouldn't fantasy football team owners line up to grab him early for the 2024 season? Well, three reasons hold them back: Injury history, risk of roster dilution, and inadequate production in the passing game. So let's take the time to shoot down those unfair reasons not to be all-in on RB Kyren Williams for your Fantasy Football League in 2024: