Why Jalen Ramsey shouldn't go anywhere

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the LA Rams traded for star cornerback and former Jacksonville Jaguar Jalen Ramsey, there was instant excitement as every Rams fan knew the kind of impact player they were getting. Ramsey entered the league in 2016, and from the moment he stepped on an NFL field, he has been one of the top defensive backs in football.

In seven years in the NFL, he is a six-time pro bowler and a three-time all-pro which is outstanding. He is on a clear Hall of Fame trajectory, and to add to that, he helped the Rams win Super Bowl 56. However, Ramsey has been in the news this offseason, and not for the reasons Rams fans would like him to be.

Ramsey trade/cut rumors have been swirling

Recently there have been Rams rumors (well, more like a social media scenario that caught fire) that the LA Rams are considering cutting ties with Ramsey and moving on from him. Some have weighed in to support the notion that the Rams should trade or even cut him outright. Additionally, the Detroit Lions have been a rumored team linked to Ramsey. Even Detroit Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown has bought in on the concept of Ramsey's imminent release and weighed in on trying to recruit Ramsey to sign with the Detriot Lions:

There have also been tweets asking if Ramsey got cut by the Rams and what team he should want to go to, but Ramsey quickly shut that down.

Rams shouldn't even think about moving on from Ramsey.

All these trade and cut rumors, in my opinion, are ridiculous. First, why would the Rams even think about cutting Ramsey? If they thought about moving on from him, a trade would be the way to try and get something back for him, like draft capital or a position of need. But not even a trade is financially viable. The Rams have invested a lot of 'upfront' cash in Ramsey. Any trade or release that is not structured as a post-June 1 event triggers far too much dead cap money to make it make any sense.

Regarding trading Ramsey, I don't think that'll be a good idea, and I don't think it sits well with most Rams fans. Ramsey is still at the top of the list of great defensive backs in football and is way too important to this defense and the team overall. If he is not on the roster, who takes that role?

Ramsey has been a captain and a leader of this defense ever since he came to the LA Rams. Even though the Rams had a disappointing year last season, Ramsey was always on the sidelines, rallying the defense and being as good a leader as possible.

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Ramsey was a significant contributor to the Rams winning Super Bowl 56, and I believe he should stay a LA Rams for the foreseeable future.