Why LA Rams latest FA signing is very positive news

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Silver lining III: More competition for the secondary

Whether or not you are comfortable reading this, the LA Rams secondary is very raw and untested. That is not some vitriol. It's just being realistic. And the number of young players in the Rams secondary leaves a wide range of outcomes in any given game, and on any given play.

Veteran quarterbacks, along with their offensive coordinators and receivers, are keen on testing young defensive backs to determine what will work in that game and in the future. The problem is, young DBs will be faced with plays and gametime scenarios for the first time, and that means sometimes they will guess correctly, and sometimes they won't.

To hedge the Rams learning curve for so many rookies and young DBs, it makes complete sense to graft an NFL starter onto the secondary. That allows the Rams to start the season with one more experienced veteran, while allowing for rookies to earn playing time and even a starting role on their schedule.

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Silver lining II: Witherspoon has NFL starting experience

One of the areas I like to see when looking over Weatherspoon's career is the fact that, with the exception of 2022, he provided top notch pass coverage. Combine that with a height of 6-foot-2 and the LA Rams may have rummaged through the NFL thrifting section of free agency, and landed a vintage contributor.

Some things cannot be coached. A player's size and genetic related physical dimensions. A player's heart, how determined are they to overcome adversity and obstacles. And a player's experience. Some things can be taught, but to truly be instantly effective on the football field, NFL veterans clearly have an edge over younger players. And you can bet that DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant will leverage Witherspoon's experience throughout training camp.