Why LA Rams signing of Carson Wentz could be turning point for team

Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts, Carson Wentz
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts, Carson Wentz / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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The LA Rams have been noticeably negligent in their succession plan, at least in terms of the quarterback position. From 2017 through 2020, the Rams have placed all their eggs into the basket of former quarterback Jared Goff. From 2021 through 2023, the Rams have placed all their eggs into the basket of current veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. In terms of the backup quarterback position? The Rams have rostered Blake Bortles, John Wolford, Brycen Perkins, and now Brett Rypien.

While those backups were adequate to run the team's scouting offense, there was never an expectation that the Rams, if forced to start their backup quarterback, could win a game on the strength of that quarterback. The hope of success in any quarterback-injury scenario was placed in the defense and the offensive play-calling.

But there seems to be a new wind blowing for the LA Rams roster, at least in terms of the direction going forward. The LA Rams have abandoned their past practice of stocking unknown quarterbacks on the roster. The Rams are now rumored to be signing veteran quarterback Carson Wentz:

And with this signing, the Rams may finally be 'getting' it.

Tamper 2023 expectations

Before we go down the path of how the LA Rams signing veteran quarterback Carson Wentz to the roster may signify a change of the LA Rams overall strategy, and could mean better things to come for the success-depleted Rams fans, let's be sure to set realistic expectations for the team.

There is no mirage, facade, or dweomer about this signing. Quarterback Carson Wentz, if signed, is merely a backup quarterback on the Rams roster who will not see action after the BYE. The LA Rams are already quite confident that starting quarterback Matthew Stafford will be ready to start in Week 11 when the LA Rams host the Seattle Seahawks.

So if the Rams are not planning to give Carson Wentz a shot at playing out of the BYE, then what is the point? Well, the LA Rams signing of Wentz indicates that the Rams are no longer content to be a team with a starting quarterback and 'all others' going forward. In fact, the Rams decision to reset their roster demands that the team have some level of NFL competency at the quarterback position in each game.

Think back to how electrifying the Rams offense became with veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield under center. Mayfield never threw for more than 230 yards in any game. But he did throw for four touchdowns for the Rams, and led the Rams to two wins out of five games. That experience proved to the Rams organization that a competent backup quarterback is vital for the team.