Why Matthew Stafford's interception rate should decline in 2023

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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When it comes to the record books, we have a lot of positive ground to cover with the LA Rams and starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. In his first season, in 2021, quarterback Matthew Stafford set the Rams' All-Time Single Season Passing Yards record with 4,886 yards. He also tied the Rams' All-Time Single Season Passing Touchdowns record with 41. But there is another side to the coin for Matthew Stafford. Namely turnovers. And to get more specific, pick sixes.

That is the soft underbelly of Matthew Stafford's NFL accomplishments, the single most damaging detractor from an NFL career that would be a clear case for a Hall Of Fame ending. But when you tied for second place among the All-Time NFL Pick Six Career Leaders, and you are the only active quarterback among the Top 5, chances are you are going to set that record. In fact, standing at 29 and just three pick-sixes under the all-time NFL leader, Brett Favre, at 32, there is a risk of that happening very soon.

But I'm here trying to make the case that it won't be this year. So here's why:

Stafford is fully healthy for Rams training camp

For the first time, now entering his third season, Matthew Stafford is fully healthy and actively participating in the LA Rams training camp. While you may not think that a veteran NFL quarterback needs much of a training camp to be ready, the offense is not run by Stafford alone. The Rams offense, pass or run, depends on the ability of every player on the field to know what is happening and when.

Whether is was onboarding Stafford to the Rams playbook and terminology in 2021 (plus a minor procedure to his throwing thumb), or limited motion in his throwing arm in 2022, the LA Rams have not had the benefit of Stafford working with his receivers this early.

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While there is a clear chemistry between Stafford and primary receiver Cooper Kupp, the same cannot be said of Stafford and the other receivers on this team, yet. So it's vital that the other receivers on the roster can optimize this off-season to build trust, chemistry, and rapport with Stafford in time for the 2022 NFL season.